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 Sarai Mateo's Biography 

Founder of The Standard 


Sarai Mateo, is one of the most prestigious make up artist in the South East.

Her unique style and unparalleled technique have also caught the eye of world-renowned cosmetics companies

who seek her insight and vision.


Working with  DIOR, CHANEL, TOM FORD BEAUTY  and NARS  for over 16 years, 

Sarai has gained a reputation not only as a bankable entity for retailers;

but also whom consumers can count on for practical and essential beauty advice.


Her passion, talent and dedication have caught the eye of  celebrities, and the fashion industry alike. 


Sarai, possesses the ability to create an elegant, yet distinctive look that is immediately recognizable.

Because of her expertise, Sarai has gained a loyal local following, as well as Global.


Sarai Mateo's talent for pin-pointing a woman’s inner beauty, and accentuating it through makeup application is sought after both by beauty companies and fashion editors. Her talent and time are also highly coveted by celebrity clientele and renowned photographers.


As the picture of beauty will undoubtedly change over the years,

it is the steady hand and creative vision of Sarai Mateo that will remain a source of inspiration





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Makeup Artist
Personal Shopper

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Vincent Tobias Master Hairstylist

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The Experts
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An editorial high fashion look that is perfect for events and camera ready. *Makeup includes individual lashes or strips* Price will varies depending on Time and location...
The Couture
1 hr

"Sarai is a game-changer!

As a professional make-up artist her techniques surpass the industries norms. 


Sarai applies her many years of experience combined with with a vision towards the future in all she does. 


From the moment she greets you, you feel at ease and know that you are in the hands of a true professional. 


Sarai has knowledge about multiple brands of luxury cosmetics and applies her knowledge to both, her application and recommendations. 


She is a trend setter! She is innovative  and applies current trends to what is best for you depending on your skin type, type of look desired and occasion to be attended. 


Sarai excels in professional application skills and people skills. 


I would highly recommend Sarai without hesitation to anyone seeking a professional for any and all occasions. There is no other like her!"




Zulma Taylor

Ma chaîne



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Sarai Mateo,

Founder of The Standard 
Make-up Artist




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